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The Happiness Hormone: Endorphins


An amazing thing occurs when your brain senses happiness… it releases natural hormones called endorphins. These provide a sense of satisfaction, well-being and a feeling of happiness. This overall feeling is a way of telling you that all is good with your body and mind.

endorphinsWe’ve all felt that relaxed feeling after an enjoyable meal, a power workout, a hearty laugh, or mind-blowing sex.

But where do these amazing hormones come from? They are produced in the hypothalamus gland and the pituitary gland and they emit an opioid-like secretion that hides pain using a natural analgesic. This ends up telling the body that everything is fine.

Many people are unaware that acupuncture has the ability to release endorphins which can temporarily relieve pain.

There are other actions that can release natural endorphins and cause you to be satisfied and feel happy… such as good food, exercise, and orgasms.

You will feel better and be happier by stimulating your brain to release these amazing hormones as often as you can.

Lots of money could be made by selling endorphins, but they aren’t for sale; it is only through your own efforts that they can be utilized.

What are endorphins…and what do they do?

But is there a negative side to this type of stimulation? Absolutely not! Therefore, you should initiate this sort of happiness using either food, laughter, exercise or sex.

Are you one of those who experiences a comforting feeling when you eat chocolate? The reason is that eating chocolate releases endorphins!

Another food that can lead to endorphins release is hot chili peppers, and the spicier peppers tend to secrete more of the happiness hormone.

We’ve already mentioned activities like exercise, sex, acupuncture, laughter, and good food but there are other things such as massage therapy and meditation that produces┬áthis wonderful secretion.

Happy creates happiness. This is something you should do every opportunity you can to release these amazing hormones. Unlike drugs and other stimulants, endorphins are natural and beneficial and you should take advantage of them as often as you can.

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